Brothers Tyler and Alex Mifflin, stars of the TVO show The Water Brothers, will be in London to speak at the Go Wild Grow Wild Expo on Saturday.

The Water Brothers looks at nature and environmental issues with a specific focus on the role of water in the lives of humans and other animals.

It’s a natural fit for the siblings from Hamilton. Tyler studied film, and Alex studied environmental science.

“We wanted to create content that was looking at environmental challenges, but looking at them through the lens of water,” Tyler said.

From travelling to the Great Pacific garbage patch, to learning about water in space, to exploring the Mesoamerican Reef, the brothers have seen a lot over the show’s three seasons. 

But it’s the episodes that highlight the relationship between water and people that stick out.

The whole focus is to get people out in nature…to encourage people to make changes in their homes, live more green.-Alex Mifflin

“Anytime we’ve gotten to meet people who’ve overcome the challenge of living without clean water and sanitation … those are always incredibly inspiring stories,” Alex said.

The brothers will take the stage at the Metroland Media Agriplex at the Western Fair District in London. The Expo runs from 9:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m.

 “We’re really excited to be taking part in the expo – there’s so much going on,” Tyler said.

 “The whole focus is to get people out in nature … to encourage people to make changes in their homes, live more green. Those are all things we’re big supporters of, so that’s why we’re really happy to be speaking there,” Alex said

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