CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) — Everyone has that place they go to feel better. For Maren Weathersby, that place is the pool.

“I love the pool and everything about the pool,” Weathersby said, “so that just mixed with my happy nature makes it just even more a happy place for me.”

During her senior swim season with the Patriots, that wasn’t always the case. She swam through a back injury for most of the season. That’s after suffering a shoulder injury before.

“I still have times where I look back on it and start crying,” she said, “because it was not the way I thought my senior year was going to go.

“Individually she would be hurting,” said Albemarle swim coach JJ Bean, “but when it came time for a relay, she was always at her best.”

She swam through the pain to qualify for the state meet for a fourth time in her high school career.

“Looking up at the scoreboard and seeing that I made states was just one of the best moments of the entire season,” she remembered.

“She knew what it was going to take and she did it,” Bean said. “That’s the kind of thing that in the future I hope other people can rise to the occasion and do and maybe its because she helped lead them this year.”

All of her swimming commitments come while also keeping a 4.57 GPA at Albemarle. She has also been named to the honor roll every semester in high school.

She says she swims at 5:30 in the morning to be able to dedicate her afternoons to her school work.

“I see myself more as a student than an athlete,” she said, “so I’ve worked really, really hard in school. I just so happen to be athletically inclined in swimming.”

Weathersby signed during the fall semester to swim at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County in college.

“She’s been on varsity for four years,” Bean said. “She’s a starter for four years. She’s been to states for four years. She knows what it takes to be great.

“Its sad to say goodbye to all the teammates I’ve been swimming with since I was eight years old,” Weathersby added, “but I’m excited for the new chapter and what that’s going to bring.”

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